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Bees in Structure, Houses, Trees, Outbuildings, etc.

We do the jobs Beekeepers , Pest Control Businesses can't do. They have problems getting all the honey out and understanding bee behavior in structure. Nor do they ever beeproof the nest area for future problems. The bees can come back. If bees are in the walls of your house.... 1. Do not spray poison or plug the hole. This will only drive the bees further back and create more tearout removal and possible driving the bees into your living room and bedrooms. The Queen Bee may lay up to 2500 eggs a day in April and May tripling in size. Remove them A.S.A.P 2. We are Trained and Insured for your protection. Beekeepers do bees for a hobby only and are not certified or insured for ur protection. Pest Control just wants to posion but they use the word extract instead. The honey and comb in the walls is also a problem to deal with. Their knowledge is ants, roaches termites and etc. With limited experience of working with bees. Bees in a house are classified as a Pest because the homeowner may be Allergic and Bees will sting you if you are in their flight pattern. If someone u hire falls off a ladder or has a reaction to BEE STINGS while removing Bee Swarms or Bees From a wall on your property, then u want to know if they carry insurance . My Web Site is Sootyscott.Com or Facebook under Action Bee Removal and Dryer Vent Cleaning and utube videos under sootyash. I BeeProof the Nest Area if possible to help prevent the Bees from coming back. Most other businesses will not beeproof the infested area. Call Scott (me) at 405-414-3003 about Bee Questions. To book a Appointment call Tammie at 405-354-8651. Our assessment fee is $65.00 (okc metro)and this fee is applied to the total cost after job completion Sometimes I use a Bee Camera to locate the Bees in the Walls to Avoid Unnecessary Tear Out    

I am Insured and Certified by the Okla. Dept. Of Agriculture for Bees and Pest Control for ur protection. I rescue and save all the bees I can and beeproof the nest area after completion. Sending me a picture of your problem. Scott's Cell No. (405-414-3003) will help me greatly to understand your situation. Call my wife..Tammie for a appointment. 354-8651. I will come by give you a price range for the job . I charge $65.00 local... for assessment (Cash) which is applied to work. FinalCost of job varies due to height difficulty, bee size , and drive time.




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