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Bees in Structure, Houses, Barns, Outbuildings, etc.

The Homeowner needs to be aware that when a colony of bees is living in structure, in most cases, there will be a hive full of honey and comb somewhere in the structure.  The homeowner is faced with the decision making process of paying a  higher price of  hiring the bee keeper to remove the wood panels, boards, and etc. in order  to get to the bees, honeycomb and honey.  Bees are vacuumed and many are not killed and they can be hived and put in a honey field. The sticky messy honey is removed.  Once the job is completed, it is the homeowner´┐Żs responsibility to repair the structure that was removed. If the homeowner decides to hire to poison the bees and not remove the honey and comb, then ants, insects, and other pests may invade the walls to eat the honey and comb. Honey will mildew and become runny causing sheetrock stain.  Also, the honey will sour and mold and mildew may develop. A disaster could develop in weeks, months, or even a year or 2 years later.   

Sometimes, the homeowner hires a pest conrol company to poison the bees when they are in structure.  Most of the time, the queen is not killed and within 30-60 days, the bees are back due to her egg-laying skills.  Honeycomb will become runny and messy.  Always hire a bee removal service to take care of the problem.  Restrictions are being placed on pest control companies not to kill the bees due to low numbers of bees in our country.  The beekeeper will give the bees a new home and everyone is happy.




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